The Bounty Hunter (2010) Review

Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler) Once was in the police, but now earns his money as a surety-Cop, a so-called “Bounty Hunter”. Whenever a defendant does not appear for his court date, Milo is scheduled for him, and when he catches the fugitive, there’s coal. Unfortunately, the lately not as often as originally planned.But now the man has a job at the Angel, who could not be more perfect.

Nicole Boyd (Jennifer Aniston) Is a journalist and turn on a hot story. Unfortunately, she was sued and taken to court. The date it apart and is now on the hit list, her ex-husband Milo that does nothing better than to bring his former wife in jail. That the lady is doing this but quite bitchy and her addition to the bad guys want collar does the job any easier. On the contrary, now must pull together again Nicole and Milo to escape his pursuers and to resolve the controversial case.

Generes: Action, Comedy, Romance
Language: English, Ukrainian
Duration: 110 mins
Directors: Andy Tennant
Writers: Sarah Thorp
Cast: Jennifer Aniston(Nicole Hurley), Gerard Butler(Milo Boyd), Gio Perez(Uncle Sam), Joel Garland(Dwight), Jason Kolotouros(Gelman), Matt Malloy(Gary), Jason Sudeikis(Stewart), Adam Rose(Jimmy), Christine Baranski(Kitty Hurley), Dorian Missick(Bobby), David Costabile(Arthur), Lynda Gravatt(Judge), Peter Greene(Mahler), Jeff Garlin(Sid), Siobhan Fallon(Teresa)
Theaters: March 19, 2010
Produced by: Neal Moritz,Robyn Meisinger
Screenwriter: Sarah Thorp

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