12 kinds of space in your House that you should know

If your home is already eligible for a home worth? Here are 10 mandatory spaces that should be on a part of your home. The list is mandatory in a house below is a general overview of the House that is the lowliest of southeast Asia (where I live).

 1. the bedroom

This room are private because only those closest are allowed in this room. The bedroom is usually a compulsory element in it there were several sets of equipment such as beds, dressers, wardrobes, also there is also a part of the room was the bathroom. determine the appropriate bedroom size is by calculating what elements will you enter into it, and you should know the approximate size of the element and adding margins or empty space among elements with each other and make sure that the size that’s comfortable for you. Ideally each family member has a private bedroom (except for children who have yet to get used to sleeping alone) and a one-bedroom that was allocated for the guest bedroom (optional).

2. Guest room

the living room is the room that are public and this room is the place where you meet and hang out with people who are your Herbalism and are welcome to come to your House, usually only the people (someone who had no family ties or relatives) by using this room, living room ideally placed at the forefront of a House exactly after the front porch, this is intended so that some private rooms that you have not exceeded by your guests.

3. bathroom and WC

a room identical to water and hygiene, the bathrooms generally consists of the source water, the tub water, shelter or who habitually wears a shower the bathroom is entirely without a tub of water, shelter wash table and mirrors, there are some concepts that merged with bathroom WC, some are put together in cubicle but given the restrictions such as curtains or even a wall. planning to make the bathroom and WC paramount is thinking about the problem of sanitation and air holes, good bathroom wall was wrong to have air holes immediately headed out of the House in order to get fresh air. In addition the distance towards the bathroom water source must be adjacent, its function is to minimise the cost of development and maintenance of waterways clean, don’t forget safety tank it should also be noted, if we had a source of water from the North then good construction safety-tanks is the opposite direction i.e. safety tanks should be constructed on the South.
many of the several models of bathroom is not common, such as the 10 inspiring bathroom out-door.

4. dining room

This room is ideally close to the kitchen, the dining room is often used for family gatherings in addition to the event in the family living room. mandatory elements in the dining room is a dining table and at least there is a wash table closest to simply wash your hands before eating. It’s good to provide a special room between the kitchen and dining room to drop the requirement between the two e.g. refrigerators, cabinets, and other foods.

5. the kitchen

many women spend their time in kitchen, the wife of us look busy when it enters the kitchen, in the kitchen cooking equipment must be such as cookers, Skillets, and as good a washing room adjacent to the kitchen. Planning makes the kitchen is thinking of some variables, such as the size of the room, room design, usability (some people who like to eat in a restaurant or fast food stores are not so blessed in this kitchen), air vents, and the type of floor being used (there will be a lot of compositions of oils, rubs the slippery nature of which requires you to select the type of floor to state this).

6. garage

Along with the increasing mobility of life, certain people do need private vehicles to facilitate the way they travel as well as the demands of the work, it’s good if you fall into this category you must think about the space to put private vehicles official in a special room, the size room is adapted to the number of vehicles you have and also estimate the distance of padding per vehicle for easy access into there. The garage is usually a closed room that emptied (without any element except the big door for entrance to your vehicle), need special attention to choosing a suitable door for your garage, especially security issues, your garage door should really be facing the perpetrators of crimes intends ill will toward your vehicle. Some people love to put the garage on the front of his house, but some are more inclined to put the garage on the back of his house, for in terms of the ease in front of the garage then at home you choose, but for the security of your personal vehicle is worth a garage built on the back of the House.

7. The warehouse

If you already have a lot of stuff that will not be used for a while, or this tool is only used in certain times only (e.g. car wash/motor tools, cutting tools, lawn tools, boxes and so on) you need to start having a special room. The warehouse is a place that is very rare in access if compared to other rooms in your House, most of the warehouses will be seen more dirty and dusty and the room it looks creepy. change the perception that make your store in a State as clean as possible, schedule the cleaning shed periodically, for example 2 weeks once, provide sufficient lighting to get rid of the impression your warehouse on creepy, you can use direct sunlight to illuminate the warehouse by using a lot of glass element on your store, if that is not possible then the electric light would help a little bit of help. 

8. laundry room

the laundry room is usually located between the kitchen and the bathroom, this room serves to wash all your daily tools, for example, to wash clothes, wash the dishes, and more. for washing dishes is usually located in the kitchen, or you can also make the room with separate kitchen, you can make a room at the special right to wash clothes and equipment daily, with the washing room, your home will be more beautifully clean, avoiding a pile of laundry that are scattered in the kitchen or at the dining table.

9. working room and study room

Work and learning are two different room but have similarities in their functions, both the room is generally filled by a desk, work table to put your computer/laptop, book shelves, desk (if you want your clients to visit your Office in your home). If you have a terraced houses, it’s good work space/study room is situated on the top floor (2nd floor) it is intended to minimize the interference noise from another room (keep in mind that any room on the top floor/2nd floor is a private room, so access to the room will be limited by foreigners). Yet another case if you often receive the guests to talk about your work, if such work shall be in the area of public spaces (public spaces must be accessible, and the journey towards public spaces shall not pass through the door of your private room), the point is to customize the workspace/study room with your needs and the type of your work.

10. Living room

the family room is where we gather with family, spending time with family, watch TV, play games, and it was this room that needs special attention because this room will be a lot in the past and used daily, scheduling cleaning this room must be every day, it is intended to increase the quality of meetings among family members, family rooms usually do not wear a bulkhead wall to separate with another room frequently, I see to be a separator between family rooms and other rooms are large cabinets, curtains, and more. family room layout is located at central House, this room is semi private in nature, meaning that some of the people that we wish could enter this room.

11. terrace, gardens, front yard

The best in a home is to have a garden overgrown with plants, in addition to add to the mood we are in doing other activities, also to neutralize the air pollution resulting from a motor vehicle, and the burning of household waste. the front page of which is located in front of the House serves to keep your vehicle for a while (if you intend to store your vehicle overnight, store it in the garage), for parking of vehicles. the terrace is a semi enclosed, have a roof but usually do not have a wall on the terrace ideally provided some chairs, this aims to welcome our guests, meaning you have to understand there is some type of guest who comes to our home with some purpose. There are guests who only briefly stopped at your home then he went again, now to welcome guests with such type please use your patio for entertaining guests.

12. the space of worship

some religious Muslims in particular requires that a place of prayer and worship must be clean, this place must be made for devout believers to be rules, for example for the 30ru congregation. But if the residents are so preoccupied with his personal activities respectively, at places of worship are often forgotten, they prefer to worship in his room each.

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